Sunday, April 14, 2013

Phone pictures!!!!!

 I have soooo many pictures on my phone!  Here are just a few....
 Show Choir Holiday tour
 Santa 2012
 Date Night
 Show Choir concert

 Christmas Card picture

 Countdown to Christmas Break

 Enough said
 Helping Mommy wrap

 Helping Mom clean out the closet
 Survivor ready

 Our FAV....Taco Casa
 Molly Girl
 Potty Trained!
 First Homework

 They have the BEST sister
 3D movie
 Big Boy bed

 The Band
 Ice Cream Date with Mommy after school

 Kaitlyn helping build.

Christmas Day with the Witte's

 We had a white Christmas!!!! We went out to the Land and had Christmas.  My Dad had one of his games ready for us to play.  It was The Amazing Race and Survivor combined. We had tasks that we had to perform and they were outside!  It was super cold and snowing!!!!  Who would have thought? Then we played a survivor game.  The good news is each family took home money! We love Dad's games!  They are always fun! And you know he loves coming up with them and watching us....memories made!  I have a lot of pictures from the game, however thanks to Facebook those are posted there....Here are the ones from my camera.  I am so sad that I didnt get any pictures of the kids playing in the snow. Enjoy our memories.
 Papa had a game just for the grandkids....they had to hear the clue being read by Kaitlyn and then guess where it was, and g find their letter.

Once everyone got their letter they had to stand in order from youngest to oldest and it spelled out where the treasure was hidden

 Ready for The Amazing Race

 Present Time

Turkey Time

We had the BEST Christmas yet!  It lasted well into midnight!!!