Sunday, October 21, 2007

Go Go Girl

Almost 24 weeks....feeling fuller and a little more tired!

Groovy Go Go Girl

Well it is almost Halloween.....Kaitlyn decided she wanted to be a Go Go Girl. Her costume is very cute! LOVE the boots. Molly is going to be a ballerina. Kaitlyn says that Daddy has to get an Afro wig and ty dye shirt with glasses and I have to get a shirt and a head wrap like hers. She says we will be "groovy."

Check out those boots!!!!!

Aren't I precious?

Grammy took us Friday night to get our baby bedding and changing table. Funny story......
We got home and Aaron put the changing table together and then he got out the baby blanket from the bedding and held it up. I immediately saw something strange. The big bear on the front had NO ears! They forgot to put them on. Aaron thought well maybe they are in the bag and you have to put them on because they are 3d looking. Nope! We had to take a picture.....

No ear bear!!!!!

We took the bedding back to Babies R Us and it made the girl laugh! We both checked to make sure the bear had BOTH ears! We also decided to go ahead and buy the mattress.

The bedding with ears!


Changing table

Kaitlyn and Nanny had bought a build a bear for the baby when we found out we were pregnant and they were waiting to name it and buy an outfit for it when we knew what we were having. This Sunday Kaitlyn and Nanny went to Build a Bear and named it...... The cuddly teddy bear was named "Layne" and he is dressed in a Maverick warm up suit. Then she got another build a bear for is the velvet puppy. His name is Sport and he is dressed in a Ranger's uniform. They are so soft and cuddly. Camden will love them!!!!
Sport and Layne waiting for Camden

Giving a kiss to Camden

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


22 weeks and getting bigger

Well we have been pretty busy since the last post. Aaron painted the nursery. We went and registered and did some major cleaning out, and hung border.

Last week Aaron had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off so we decided to take advantage of the time and paint Camden's room. It looked so great. What a difference paint can make. Aaron loves to make things look good! Kaitlyn wanted to paint a "C" on the wall first. When she painted her room she made the first "K" She was so tired that day that she ended up going and taking an almost 2 hour nap, so Aaron painted the 1st coats while she slept. He did another coat and Kaitlyn wanted to help so bad! Aaron almost didn't let her, he wanted to make sure it looked good he said. So WE found a great spot behind the door that she painted. It looked great!

Friday night we went to Babies R Us and registered! It was so much fun! Kaitlyn got to zap some things and she loved it. We picked out our stuff and are so excited!!!!! I finally got the zapper thingie and started zapping all kinds of cute little clothes. Aaron and Kaitlyn hogged it all night. We also went across the street to Target and registered there. The swing and pack n play that we like are there so we added them and put some onesies and sockies, etc. on it. Here is the link to our registries....... just go to the registry section and put in Amy Sossamon and you can check out what we picked!

Cleaning out......
Saturday night we did some major cleaning out. Aaron had some stuff in Camden's closet that he needed to put in our closet. We decided or should I say I decided that we should organize all the closets. So we got rid of ALOT of stuff. 15 bags of stuff. Camden's closet now has only his things in it. Our closet looks AWESOME. We organized it and Aaron is going to build a shelf to add more storage in it. Kaitlyn did some major cleaning in her closet, too. She went through her toys and got rid of alot that she never plays with, some things she didn't even know she had. Mission Arlington will be so happy to see our front porch Thursday morning. The closets ALL look great!!!!!

Hanging Border....
Okay, so day 1 wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. I had Monday off for Columbus day so we thought we could hang the border then. We started with the longest wall and all you have to do is soak the border in water and smooth it out with a sponge, right???? Well, turns out that it was too long for only 2 of us to hold, so we gave up on that wall and moved to a shorter wall. It worked! We couldn't believe that is was sticking and was so easy! We ran out of border so we stopped for the day.
Day 2 seemed like a breeze.....we knew what we were doing! We finished half of the room in 15 minutes with Kaitlyn's help on the long wall! It looks so cute! I am impressed that Aaron and I can make a room look as cute as it does. We even decided to hang up the wall hangings since we had them! Don't you just love it?????

Here is the baseball valance Aaron was my idea to put real baseballs on each end of our curtain rod, Aaron just made it a reality. Did I mention he caught the baseballs from The Ballpark at batting practice?

He is so proud of his handiwork

Monday, October 1, 2007

The crib!

Hey! So we had a wonderful weekend, getting to look at all the BLUE baby stuff. On Wednesday Kaitlyn came home with a cake for Camden from Nanny. It was so yummy! Aaron picked up the crib on Wednesday after work. He and Kaitlyn put it together on Thursday night, of course before Gray's Anatomy's! Wasn't it great????

Kaitlyn had dance Saturday and we made our usual trip to Babies R Us. We bought a roll of the border so we could pick paint colors for his room. We also decided we would register this weekend!!!! I am so excited...can't wait. We got some baby practice this past weekend with my brother's baby, Jackson. We kept him Saturday night and all day Sunday. He is almost 7 months old. I am tired!!!!!! Emily, my sister in law, brought over bags of baby clothes! I can't wait to go through them. Thanks Emily. At school today I was delivered flowers with a cute baby frame. Emily's parents, Bud and Terry Hayes, sent them to us. That was so very thoughtful of them.

20 weeks

She is already the BEST big sister!!

Aaron has been busy with projects around the house. It seems that every weekend he wants to do something else, which is okay by me. Check out what a "handy man" he has become. He is so PROUD of his work. He is getting ready for Camden!!!!

The new mantle

The kitchen doorway has been framed out....

The hall doorway has been framed out....all we need now is Camden in a jumper!

Aaron with Camden's cake:)

Fixing the crib.....

I'll hold it Daddy.

All Done!

Border with paint colors....

Flowers and frame from Bud and Terry Hayes....Aren't they beautiful?