Saturday, April 26, 2008


We went to the annual Witte Fest Reunion today. It was Camden's first visit to Granbury to see my Dad's side of the family. It was such a nice day. We enjoyed family, horseshoes, and kids playing together. Here are some pictures of cousins....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Child to Work Day

Kaitlyn came to work with me today. I am usually teaching 1st graders, but I am still on maternity leave so she became a Mommy today. She woke up around 8am and then helped me out. She changed a dirty diaper except Camden wasn't finished. He almost squirted on her. She jumped. I laughed. She picked up the house for me, made beds, put dishes away, etc. She told me my job was not easy. I told her I am also a teacher and she said, "Mom you might have trouble teaching!" We also went to the park today! It was Camden's first park experience. He enjoyed the fresh air, so did we. Enjoy the pictures from our day......

Taking a nap like a frog before the park adventure

\Hiking up the trail, he saw a BIG rabbit

Feeling the breeze

Going up a hill. Aaron and I decided we are very out of shape!!!!!

Kaitlyn and Daddy playing at the playground

Chillin with Mom

Park Picture with the kids

More walking

Kaitlyn and Mom

Kaitlyn with what little bluebonnets they had....

tuckered out

Go check out Aaron's sno cone journey blog. The link is Sno Cone King on the right.......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Random Pictures

Taking a nap with Daddy

Big Yawn

I love to chew on my sister's arm

Kaitlyn thought it was funny, but I didn't


I love bath time

I am so smiley in the mornings.

First bath together

Molly loves to sit right next to me when I eat. She loves me!

I love you

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Camden's First Ranger Game

We went to Camden's first Ranger game today. It was a 1:05 game. Kaitlyn and Nanny got out of school early to join us. He did such a great job at the game. He slept almost the whole entire game! He did jump and open his eyes when the crowd got loud. It was such a nice day. It was a little hot but a nice breeze was blowing. We all got a little sunburned; but we kept Camden covered with a blanket. The Rangers lost 7-4 to the Angels, sad, but we still have a precious memory!!!!

On the way to the wouldn't know it but my eyes are closed!

Daddy is ready to take his boy in the Ballpark

Walking in...Daddy and Camden, Kaitlyn, and Nanny

Mom and Dad

Sleeping, what I did BEST!

Dad covering his sunburned knees


Nanny and Kaitlyn

Nanny and Camden. Don't you love how high my pants are? Thanks Nanny!


Watching the game

Father and Son at the First of MANY games!

Sister and Brother

Many Ranger games to come.....