Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly Jo

Happy 4th Birthday to you!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Our baby loves water!

Camden loves water!!!!!! He loves bath time!

He loves to drink water.....

even if it means in the toilet!
You read right.....tonight he threw the toilet paper roll in the toilet and began to suck on it....
I guess we don't feed him enough?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kaitlyn's Birthday Celebration

Look at our 12 year old!!!!!
(That's scary to say)
We started celebrating Kaitlyn's birthday with a Mommy Daughter pedicure! It was so much fun and relaxing. I got a traditional summery pink and Kaitlyn got lime green with a peace sign on her big toe!!!! We then went out to eat at Cotton Patch.

Blowing out her candle

Did I mention she LOVES Dublin Dr.Pepper? She went with her friends to Dublin over Spring Break to the Dr. Pepper bottling plant.

Sweet kids I have

On Saturday, we went to Nanny and Papa's land (they bought land in Mansfield to build my Dad's shop and a house) to celebrate and enjoy the weather and family. We had a great time! We had an egg hunt for Dylan and Jackson and a scavenger hunt for the big kids! Aaron and I hid some things from around our garage out on the land the day before. We took a picture of the things hidden and gave told them which area to look. They had fun looking and we had fun watching!!!!!
Playing with the kids and dogs

What they love about the land!!!!

Max and Milo....the newest additions to the Witte Family



Ready for a ride?

Not me!

Mama's boy....he has been so clinging to Mama lately!!!!

Is there something hidden here?

still searching


The winners of the scavenger hunt

4 new puppies
Milo(Nanny and Papa's) Miley and Tank(Justin and Michelle's babies)Max(Ryan's)

Happy Birthday

A New World

No need for a walker to push...I will just take this pink chair! Camden is also walking everywhere now. He is so cute when he walks. Sometimes he gets going fast and almost falls but is able to balance himself out. I am so thankful he waited to start really walking during Spring Break. He knew his Mommy would be home!

Camden is starting to try and climb!!!!!!

Mom....I want in. What are you doing?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Kaitlyn

I can't believe you are 12! I was looking back through pictures and it seems like just yesterday you were this little!!!! Happy Birthday yo the sweetest little (always in my eyes), young lady I know!!!!

You are growing into such a pretty, young, kind hearted lady!
I love you!!!!

Going Green

We wore green in honor of St. Patrick's Day....we also helped Daddy in the yard while he pulled weeds. Camden loves outside. This morning I took him out back on the patio and he ventured over to the edge but wouldn't go any further. Tonight, he was crawling all over the grass and walking, too. He loves the leaves. He will pick one up and want to show everybody!!!!! He wasn't ready to go inside to eat dinner. He was filthy. I am sure that will only be the first of dirty black feet!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

2nd Haircut

Before....looking crazy

After....looking like a little man!

We got Camden's haircut today for the 2nd time. He did so good this time! We went to Beth, who cuts Aaron's hair. He ate his yogurt bites and looked around and said his favorite word, ooooh. She was even able to get the clippers out! I imagine many father son haircuts in the future!!!!!!

He's Walking!!!!!!

Look at Camden go..... He has been taking several steps but nothing like this! He will be walking all over the place by Friday! He gets so excited. I love his face!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Carpet Event: Kaitlyn's 12th Birthday

Kaitlyn had a Movie Star Birthday party! We had red carpet upon the entrance and lots of glitz and glam! The girls had a ton of fun! Non stop screaming and laughter for 3 hours! They played a Guess the Movie Star game. They had a movie star on their back and they had to guess who they were. They also played the marshmallow game. Had to get marshmallow in their mouth while blindfolded and use only their mouth. This was hilarious!!!!! They also had a lip singing karaoke contest. Kaitlyn is very thankful to her friends for a memorable and fun 12th birthday!!!! Put on your sunglasses before looking below....

I have arrived!

Strike a pose

12 years old

Love that bling!

Movie Stars!!!!

The marshmallow game....
they had so much fun with this game. It was fun to watch them try to get the marshmallow in their mouth while blindfolded and no hands!!!!!










Sarah....AKA Angelina Jolie!

The Silver Mike
The winners of the Lip Singing Karaoke.....Kaitlyn wouldn't accept it!