Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swim Day

We got Camden a little pool last weekend. We got in it Saturday. He wasn't sure about it until Kaitlyn and I both got in with him. Aaron got our water guns out and he liked them. He wanted to mostly push his lawn mower around the yard. But then realized Mommy and sister weren't getting out so he would get in and stay in! Kaitlyn and I got some sun!!!!! I should have a good tan going on before too long! Four more days of school and 2 work days after that and then it's SUMMER TIME!!!!!!
On a sad note, 4 more days until I have a junior high schooler! Kaitlyn will be graduating from 6th grade Wednesday June 3rd. She is excited to be going to a new school. She got a pretty purple dress for graduation. Get this.....Aaron picked it out for her while she was looking at other dresses. I can't believe it! She looks so grown to come after Wednesday.
Enjoying the summer sun!

Playing with Kaitlyn

Not sure if I like this Mom!

I'll just watch and play from here

I'll get in with Mom.

Date Night

These are few and far between because we get so much entertainment from our kids!
But a date is what we have needed!!!!

We went to a Ranger game where they had a pregame concert with Casting Crowns....if you are not familiar with Casting Crowns, scroll down to the music and listen. They are a christian band and we LOVE them!

Josh Hamilton came out and spoke. I am second was a sponsor. Check out the website
If you are not familiar with Josh's story. He was drafted right out of high school and ended up getting into drugs and alcohol real bad. He turned his life around, thanks to God. Read his book. It is a good book!

Watching the Rangers win!!!!

The life of a rookie.....

We had a great time! It was not too hot.....even though there were 45,000+ at the game. It was a nice night for baseball!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our New Patio............and 1 dead mole :)

I finished the pergola for the most part. There are a few minor thingsI need to do to it. It turned out really good. Amy was excited to get some plants and new pots for the patio and some to hang from the pergola. We also updated our flowerbeds in the backyard. When I was mowing the other day, I discovered that my stupid moles had returned. There were tunnels under the trampoline. The next day the mole had moved even further towards the patio. I went today to Lowe's to get something to keep the mole away. The man there told me a way to KILL em. If you walk and cave in the tunnels and then stab the tunnels with a pitchfork, you will eventually hit them and kill them. I caved in the tunnels and was going to continue when i saw the ground move up. I wasnt sure at first, so I kept watching. Oh yeah, it was the mole. I ferociously drove my shovel into that spot about 5 times. I dug down a little and saw what I had done. I killed the little you know what. It felt good. I like animals, but this one needed to die. He is gone. Don't feel bad. This is Aaron posting by the way.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Levitt Pavilion

Kaitlyn's school choir performed this Saturday at Arlington's Levitt Pavilion. It is an outside performance stage. It was very cool! She sang one of her Music Man solos and then sang with the choir. She did an AWESOME job!

Watching sister on stage

She loved this song and the motions!

It was a nice day but hot! Camden loved the water...

This was as close as he got.....not sister! After the concert, she went running through it! She was soaking wet! I wish I had gotten a picture.

This was a neat place to go and hang out. They will be having concerts this summer. Bring a blanket or chairs if you go....check out their website

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

I am going to play outside even in the rain....

A little water won't hurt!

This is fun!!!!


I don't want to go inside!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only 10 more days.....

Until I get to see these faces everyday all day!

Mid laugh

The screaming game!

Kaitlyn screams and then Camden! It gets noisy in the Sossamon House!

Cousin time at the Land last weekend!
Camden doesn't seem to happy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Camden!

New Windows

We got new windows put in Friday. That was the one thing we did not do when we moved in 4 years ago! They are energy star windows and we LOVE them! They look so good! My favorite is the dining room window. It is a slider window and you can see so much in the backyard! Camden loves looking out it.





The pergola Aaron and his Dad made. Aaron has to finish the final touches but the rain wiped out Saturday. He hopes to finish it this week!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Night at the Ballpark

On our way

Like father like son

God love it!

So much to look at

Just give me a cup!

Sarah and Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn hanging out with her friends

1st of many Ranger games in 2009

What's missing?????

Justin and Michelle
Pray for them!
(A baby)

Crazy hair Kaitlyn....Camden checking something out besides the camera!

Kaitlyn's All City Choir was given the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Ranger Game Wednesday night. She is on the front left of the video with a teal headband on. Enjoy!

We had a great time! It was a long night, but worth it! The Rangers won in the 11th inning when Blalock hit deep into center field! It was an exciting game. GO RANGERS!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Getting a push from Daddy

Like my new haircut?

Everything is a phone! But this really is!!