Monday, August 24, 2009

And Baby Makes 3!

Yep. you read that right. Baby number 3 is scheduled to make an entrance into our family around April 13. Aaron and I talked on our anniversary in July about starting to try for another baby. We figured we had a little time since it took 2 years with Camden. Well, it took 1 time!!!!! We were shocked it happened so fast! We are excited and can't wait. I am a little worried about Camden because he is such a Mama's Boy. He is clingy and wants to be cuddled alot. However, he is becoming more interested in his Daddy and what he is doing. Oma has a new baby this year, so it will be good that he will have to learn to share Oma there, too. I know he will be a good Big Brother. That is so weird to say. Is it weird to hear??? Kaitlyn is super excited again. She is hoping for pink!!! But we shall see what blessing the Lord has for us.

Kaitlyn started junior high school today. Her words, "overwhelming" She did fine and will get the run of the school before long and know where she is going. She did say it felt like a movie and not school. I can't believe she is in junior high. I stopped my self this morning as I was leaving from crying. I just looked at her and couldn't believe it!!!!

Our annual 1st day picture. I took it early before she was completely ready because I had to leave to go to school. She is still beautiful!

I had a good 1st day at school as well. I have a great group of kids. I have only a few that I will need to watch and keep on track, but think it will be a good year!

We are so excited!!! We just can't hide it!!!!
Another member to the Sossamon team!!!!!
Boy or Girl?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Madden was moved to Cook's in Ft. Worth Saturday afternoon. His blood sugar was low and was going to have to go to the NICU. However, the hospital did not have enough nurses staffed to take another baby in the NICU, so they moved him. I know it was a pretty rough day for Ashley and Mike. They are doing better tonight. Mike went over and saw Madden and feels good about things. Ashley was walking around and took a shower. She didn't look like she just had a baby yesterday. Please say a prayer for Sweet baby Madden. And also for Mommy and Daddy. The doctors said he will be there at least 2 days maybe 3.

Friday, August 14, 2009

We have a new cousin!!!!!

Yeah! I have a new cousin!

Madden Reid Morris was born this morning at 9:00am. He was 7lbs 11 oz and 21 in. long. Ashley did great! She had a c-section, so it was memories for us of 18 months ago. Madden stayed in the NICU for a couple of hours because he had difficulty breathing. Around 3:00pm he came down to their room and Ashley nursed him, which she said he did great! We got to pass him around and love on him. Kaitlyn has fallen in love with him. She already has a sleepover with Grammy Sunday night at Mike and Ashley's. Mike has a throat infection so he has to wear a mask for a couple of days. Ashley was doing good and full of smiles. One point she was in and out of it due to her morphine. She opened her eyes and said, "Oh Amy you got your hair done, too." That was so like Ashley. Kaitlyn and I did go and get our haircut. Enjoy the pictures of the newest addition.

The new family of 3!

Aaron was so excited that Madden arrived today August 14. This is also the day Madden Football arrived in stores!
Aaron, Ashley, and Madden

Madden and Grammy

Mike, Madden, and Mimi
She was so excited!!!!!
Her first grandbaby.

Getting cold, wrap me up again!

My favorite Uncle Aaron

My favorite Aunt Amy

My favorite girl cousin, Kaitlyn!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cowboys New Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys held an open house for all Arlington residents. It was completely free, parking and everything. We took a lot of great pics. It was amazing inside and out. I was the most excited. Yes the scoreboard is as big as it looks. Arlington should be proud to have two awesome teams and stadiums in town. Enjoy the pics, I know there is a lot.

When the roof opens, these glass panels slide open too.

This arch goes to the other side of stadium.

Bigger in Texas


Amazing, gigantic HDTV hanging from the ceiling.

Famous hole in the roof. Had to have that.

The other side of the arch

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Looks small now.

Look how happy Camden is

I am trading in my 42 inch, lol.

Finishing up the turf for the first preseason game.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

18 months old

We have a little ballplayer on our hands. Camden likes to watch the Ranger game and bat! He will watch the pitcher and then bat when he throws the ball. He is the cutest thing!

Batter up

Our Little ballplayer

Sleeping so soundly

So where has the time gone? 12 months ago this was my baby.....

Now this is him!
He has grown so much. He is looking more and more like his Daddy. Running, talking, eating and eating, laughing, exploring, and just being a little boy!

Camden can say a couple of things we understand:
I see
ba, for ball
bo, for bone (for Molly)
Mama, Mom
and he talks in his own language nonstop! He is telling us stories!!!!

He is also so smart. He knows when Molly comes in to get her a bone. He knows when we say let's go bye bye to go get his shoes and go to the door. He knows what outside means!!!!! When he hears the word, he darts for the door! At bath time, we take off his diaper and he knows to go put it in the diaper champ and turn the handle. If you tell him to go throw it away, he knows where to go. He scrunches his nose up when he sees a tissue and then wipes his nose. He loves to get the swiffer out and sweep the floor. There are just so many things he does that I could go on and on. He is Mommy's little helper.

He is still my baby, but is a little person! He is so much fun! I just look at him and smile, even when he throws himself on the floor and throws a fit. Sometimes I just have to turn my head and laugh. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

How I feel about Mommy going back to work!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today was Aaron and Ashley's 28th birthday. We celebrated by going to a movie with Ashley, Mike, Terry, and Vicki. We saw Funny People. It was funny, but I will warn you that it has a lot of vulgar words. Then we went to eat lunch at Chili's. Nanny and Kaitlyn met us there. Then we finished the night off with a Ranger game. It was a good game. But then the storms came and it rained and rained and rained for 2 hours 18 minutes. We stayed and hung out at a picnic table because it was fireworks Friday and they had not canceled that. We watched the fireworks from a TV while Nanny, Kaitlyn, and Austin went and sat in the rain and watched. As we were leaving they started to play the game. They won 5-4. Aaron had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!

Austin and Kaitlyn

Mommy, Camden, Daddy
It was hot! No breeze for a while.

Waiting out the rain....

Love this picture.

To pass the time Kaitlyn and Austin blew bubbles....

That's one really BIG bubble!

Too funny!

Happy Birthday to the BEST Daddy in the whole entire world!!!!!!