Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're on the Market

We made a BIG decision!
We put our house on the market Saturday. It is time for an upgrade. We LOVE our house so much and hate to move, but with a new baby coming we need more room. Our realtor thinks our house will turn quickly. It is very exciting and scary! Keep us in your prayers for the right house to come along.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey Mom....Where have you been?

Mommy has been a little tired lately!

So I like to make her laugh from the couch!

We went and saw my new cousin a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure what to think about him!

Mommy, Sister, Madden, and Daddy

Then on Daddy Friday, he took me over to Ashley's again to see that baby!

What is so great about him?

All he does is sleep.
When will he play with me?

I guess Daddy was getting practice holding 2 babies!

Giving Grammy kisses! She played with me!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's REAL!!!!

We went to the baby doctor today. It made the baby "real."

The baby was moving around a lot the sonographer said. The heartbeat was 184 beats a minute. We met with Dr. Fielder and talked about the new baby coming. I go back September 29 for a checkup.

I have such an awesome husband. He has taken on more duties since I am so tired after work. I thank God for him and Kaitlyn. She even woke up a little earlier today to help me with Camden. It is definitely harder with a little one. I don't always get to sit when I want. We have made it through almost 2 weeks of school. I have a very good class this year. It makes all the difference in the world. They are so polite! Kaitlyn is adjusting to junior high. She had her open house/meet the teacher night last night and she was so proud to show us all around. Camden is doing good adjusting to going back to Oma's. The first week was hard. Lots of cuddles, tears, and fussiness at nighttime made it a hard week! Now he likes to come home and play, play, and play!!!!