Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Trick or Treat

Well, it was on the plate. I thought it would taste good!

Watching Sister carve the pumpkin



Kaitlyn the Zombie

Camden the pirate

Setting our pumpkin out

Kaitlyn and her friends

Going to the door. This house had a big Jason character that moved. Camden held on tight.

Aaron the Zombie

Enjoying my chocolate!


Can I have some more?

Camden loved passing candy out to the trick or treaters. He would run to the door and say Hi and say Bye when they left. He even tried to sneak some candy into his mouth!

We had a great Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We went the pumpkin patch today. It was a beautiful day to go! When we got there Camden didn't want to get down. He warmed up after about 10 minutes and then there was no stopping him. He loved walking around and "throwing" the little pumpkins. I guess he thought they were balls. We got some good "candid" shots this year. Just think next year we will have 3 little pumpkins! :)

So funny!

Looking like such a little boy

What a difference a year makes!



Look at this stem

Here he is throwing a pumpkin. See his hand and the pumpkin on the left side!

So sweet

Monday, October 19, 2009


His favorite thing is the "pink" vacuum!

We have been so happy! Especially Camden. He wakes up happy and pretty much stays happy, unless he can't have something he wants! He is starting to repeat everything we say! It is so cute to hear his little voice. Tonight he was looking at a book and said baseball. He also told Kaitlyn bye when she got out the door for dance. He is such a sweet boy! I can't wait to see him with the baby.

Speaking of baby.....I will be 15 weeks Tuesday. Time is really flying by! I am growing and growing. I can definitely feel my stomach stretching out. Haven't been as tired lately, which is good since I have Camden to keep me awake! I go to the doctor November 4th and hopefully will schedule my sonogram to see what it is. We have names! Gracie Marie for a girl. Landry ? for a boy! Still working on that boy middle name....any suggestions???

Kaitlyn is doing great! They had an 80s day at school a couple of weeks ago! She looked so cute! And now side ponies are back in style, she wears them all the time. She is doing great in school, just signed progress reports and she is making a 100 in AP Math! I am so proud of her!

We have been busy packing! The house looks so weird with boxes everywhere and nothing on the walls. We have gone to using paper plates and plastic silverware. We move November 6th! We are excited! Time is flying when you are having fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our New Home

Here is our new home!

We sold our house. It was on the market 8 days! We had seen a house before we got an offer but it had already sold, so when we got the offer we really started to look. I think we saw about 20-30 houses! This house was on the market when we started to look but was soon under contract. :( We thought it was a great house from the pictures on the internet but were unable to go see it. However, when we got an offer on our house, that weekend it came back on the market. The lending had fallen through with the other deal. So we immediately called our Realtor to go see it! We fell in love and made an offer that day! We negotiated with our buyers and the seller of this house and we got everything worked out! We close on the house November 6th. We can't wait. It has 4 bedrooms and an open kitchen to the big family room. It is still in the Boles, Martin school district for Kaitlyn. The best thing is there is not much to do to the house. We will come in and paint the rooms, of course. Kaitlyn is already designing her room. We would like to eventually get new counter tops in the kitchen, new carpet in the bedrooms and wood in the living room. But those things will come with time and money. We have a new baby coming in April, so any money we can save goes to the baby! We have already starting packing! It's amazing how much stuff you can gather in only 4 1/2 years in a house. We have done some cleaning out and donating! November 6th will be here before we know it!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the mend

A stomach bug has hit the Sossamon household. Camden woke up Wednesday night throwing up. So I stayed home from school Thursday. He seemed much better by Thursday night except for a yucky tummy and no appetite. The kids did not have school Friday, so Aaron stayed home with him and Kaitlyn. Friday night around 7, Kaitlyn started to throw up. It was like every 20 minutes. Poor girl! Then about 11ish Aaron started throwing up. I managed to hold it off. Saturday morning I threw up once and just felt yucky. I stayed in bed ALL day! Aaron was feeling a little better and was able to take care of Camden. We are all starting to feel much better! Grandma Sossamon got married today to her longtime neighbor. They are so cute. So we went to their wedding and are now starting to pack. YES! We sold our house and are moving! That is a whole other post!!!!!