Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas in our new house. We woke up Christmas morning and watched the kids open their presents. Aaron and I decided not to do gifts this year. We bought each other a house and have been buying things here and there to add our own touch to it. This year, Camden knew what to do. We would hand him a present and her knew to open the paper. Right after he got the paper off, Daddy had to take the present out of the box. Why do they have to have so many ties on the toys???? He got a slide from Santa, which he plays on everyday!!!!! He got some books, cars, and a little people firehouse. Kaitlyn got a dock for her MP3 player, which she listens to everyday! She also got a lot of clothes and many things to do with vampires.....twilight junkie she is if you haven't seen my posts from before. We then had Aaron's family over and ate a fabulous turkey. We had a great Christmas. Just think next year we will have 3 kiddos opening presents!!!

Christmas 2009

Coming down the hall to see what Santa brought

Yeah Kaitlyn

Look what Santa brought

1, 2, 3 go!

I love this shirt, Mom!

Love his face

Cars, have I mentioned how much he loves cars?

Opening presents

He knew what to do this year!

All about the vampires

Bow head

Christmas 2009

I couldn't get Camden to get still enough to get pictures in front of the tree

Vacuuming for Mama

I love you Jacob!

So serious opening presents

I love this picture

Uncle Mike and Aunt Ashley found this AMAZING Jacob life size stand up. Kaitlyn loves it!!!!

Ashley and Madden


Camden LOVES his slide!


We had a very Merry Christmas! Here's wishing your family many new memories in 2010!!!!

We are looking forward to many new things:
A new baby
Camden talking more
Possibly potty training, he already tells me when he needs a new diaper.
More adventures in junior high, possibly boys????
And anything else that life throws at us!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve. We spent it with my family at Justin and Michelle's house. We played a money game, which Aaron and I were not very good at! We watched it snow and the kids playing in it, which was magical!!!! We watched Justin grill in the snow, where else but in Texas! We had a great time. Enjoy just some of our pictures.....

Camden loved looking at the fire

Merry Christmas

Domestic Diva Justin!

Not sure what to think of the snow

Kids playing in the snow

Mama's boy

Money game


We weren't good, so we traded our money for 4 marked envelopes and chap stick filled with money. It was a good trade. Thanks Dad for the game. The baby will be able to have a crib to sleep in now :)

Snowball fight

Enjoying cheese!

This was so priceless! Kaitlyn wanted a purse. So Nanny had trouble finding one. She wrapped up one of her old ugly purses and put a note inside that said "I owe you a purse shopping trip." Kaitlyn opened it and Nanny said isn't it what you wanted? Kaitlyn replied with a smile and yes, it is cute!!!! I guess I taught her well. Then Nanny said look inside and Kaitlyn realized she wouldn't have to use that "pretty" one.

Thanks Nanny for the money tree

We came home to a White Christmas in our new house! Aaron had to shovel the driveway to get my car in the garage because it is a little bit on a hill. What a good husband :)

Christmas Day next post.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting their bake on....

When are you going to bake the cookies for Santa???

I was just so tired this year, I didn't feel like making my annual sugar cookies. So Aaron pitched in with the help of Kaitlyn. She is always my helper, but sometimes leaves after a while. This year she took over. I think we might have a new sugar cookie maker!!!!

Rolling out the dough and throwing flour!

Camden and I enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!
This is his new look. He is trying to move his eyebrows!

24 weeks!!!!
Wonder why I am so tired????
Landry keeps kicking and moving around!
I really enjoy that feeling. It is truly amazing!!!

Mom pitched in and iced the cookies! They turned out so good! I enjoyed one!!!!

We hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas! Enjoy your families and the magic in your child's eyes! We will celebrate with the Witte's tomorrow and the Sossamon's Friday! Be safe!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy!

We Love Grammy!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Helping Mommy wrap Christmas presents...

Mommy's Best present!