Thursday, February 18, 2010

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

Pray for this little boy's sleeping habits!

It is official, Monday April 5th at 12:30 we will be having our c section. I got my confirmation letter in the mail yesterday from the hospital. I can't believe it! I only have 24 more work days and then Easter weekend and then we welcome Landry Reese. I am so ready! I can't eat much at one sitting, not much room. I don't sleep well at all! I have to get up to go to the bathroom several times a night, but since we have taken Camden's crib rail off, he can now walk into our room and does several times a night! Once I am up, it is hard to get back to sleep, so I pretty much lay there until the alarm goes off. That makes for a VERY tired and sometimes grumpy teacher. I have pretty much gone to sitting down at school to teach, which is hard! My kids are very understanding and know I need to sit. I am thankful that I can come home and put my feet up and sometimes take a little nap. Kaitlyn and Aaron are doing an amazing job taking care of things. I feel guilty! I know it's a Mommy thing, wanting to do something! But I have heard from several pregnant girls that are due about the same time that are already on bed rest or are having complications. I do not want any of that! I keep praying and taking it easy! Landry's room is ready. I think I am going to start washing his clothes this weekend. Just keep praying for Camden's sleeping!!!!!!!

On a sad note, my grandfather, Papper, passed away on Sunday February 14. He was 89 years young. He lives in Indiana and I am not able to travel. My mom is up there for the service which will be held on Friday. He served in the Air Force and will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on March 10. I will not be able to attend that either, which makes it difficult but I know he knows I need to take care of Landry and love and miss him. We took a family trip up to Indiana in July 2008 when Camden was 5 months old. I am so glad he got to meet Camden. His face lit up when Camden was in the room. He will forever be our Papper!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WOW! Look at the snow

We are having a Winter Wonderland in February! We woke up this morning to a white covered ground. We were hoping for school to be canceled, but had to go anyway. It was so beautiful driving Camden to Oma's this morning. When we got home from school we played in the snow, or should I say Aaron played in the snow. He is such a kid!!!! Aaron and Camden were outside playing as Kaitlyn and I got home. We played a little bit and Aaron and Kaitlyn decided to build a snowman. Camden was getting cold so we went inside and watched from the window to warm up! His feet were ice cold and soaking wet! Aaron and Kaitlyn enjoyed a snowball fight. Camden would yell Kaitlyn throw and Daddy run. It was so funny to watch! School is canceled for tomorrow, so we will enjoy a 4 day weekend at home. Go outside and make some snow memories :)


Building the snowman

Yea for No School!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Landry's Pending Arrival

I went to the doctor yesterday. Everything looks great! I have only gained 15 lbs so far. My blood pressure was good. We scheduled the c section for Monday April 5th. We just have to wait for the hospital to call and confirm the date and time. That is the day we wanted. It is opening day for the Rangers and being Rangers fans, we thought it would be neat! And no Aaron is not going! Kaitlyn actually thought he was going to go after Landry was born!

We finished his room. I ordered letters for his name that arrived last week and we hung them. I am so happy with them. The only thing we need to add is the changing table. We are going to use Camden's and will put it in Landry's room later. Only 7 weeks until he arrives. We can't believe it! This pregnancy has gone by so quickly!



31 weeks

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camden's Cars Party

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!!

Looks yummy

Yep! It is!!

I'm 2!

Our kiddos

We had a small birthday party for Camden on Saturday. He doesn't like a lot of people around and gets very shy, so we kept it small with family and close friends. As I thought, he didn't like the attention of everyone looking at him and singing. He buried his head and hit me a couple of times :( He is going through this stage when he gets mad, he hits....not good and we are working on it. We had a great time and he finally felt comfortable enough to play with his friends. He fell asleep around 5ish and slept until almost 7. He was worn out! He would have slept longer but we woke him up so he would go back to sleep that night.

The party was a car theme. He loves cars, any kind of cars. His favorite word right now is "big truck." We just decorated with his cars that he has. My mom asked if I went out and bought some cars....Nope, just used "some" of his cars! Camden's cake was a big tire on top with cars on the bottom. It turned out really cute. Camden liked decorating it with the confetti we had on the table. We had a great time and a big thank you to everyone that came and spent this special day with us.

Camden, Nanny, and Michelle

Chef Camden
An apron from Nanny for his kitchen

Dad, I want this car out!

Not liking all this attention!

Kisses for Grandma

Playing in my tunnel from the Nicolle's! It is so much fun!!!

Hi Mom!

All worn out after a big day!

Love it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Camden

Camden's 2nd birthday was yesterday. I know I can't believe it either. I took the day off and we just spent it at home together playing and hanging out. Nanny and Grammy came over last night to do cake and sing Happy Birthday! Camden did NOT like it. Nanny says that is how I use to act! He cried and cried and did NOT want his cake. He eventually ate a little bit of it. Aaron hopes he will grow out of that.

Grammy brought some balloons and he LOVED that until he couldn't hold them down and he got mad. Balloons are a hit, literally!!!!

I want to grab it! At this point the balloon flew up to the ceiling!

We also took the rail off Camden's crib and he is now in a big boy bed! Yesterday, Aaron witnessed him trying to climb over the rail and decided ok, it's time! We went and got him a bedrail so he won't roll off and Nanny gave him a cute bedding set. He slept all night in it until 6am and then he got in bed with us! He is such a big boy!!!!!

Night night

Just kidding :)

So we now have a 2 year old!!!!!
Happy Birthday Camden. We love you!