Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Landry Reese Sossamon

This is Aaron posting.
Landry arrived today unexpectedly early. I was at work when Amy called me to say she was hurting and needed me to come get her. She had her last appointment scheduled for 3:00 today. It was moved up to 1:00. We didnt make it. On way to doctor, the pain got worse and we went to the labor and delivery floor. She was indeed in labor. The doctors said we were ready to have this baby. The C-Section was performed beautifully and Landry was born at 1:44 pm. He weighed a whopping 8lbs 14oz! Big Boy! Here are som pics. Enjoy. Sorry pics out of order.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

37 Weeks and a Date

I went to the Doctor Friday. He said everything was good and just to keep doing what I am doing. My blood pressure was 134/88. I will continue to lay down as much as possible and stay off my feet. This week the swelling has come! I forgot your ankles and toes swell. I am unable to wear my rings, which is really weird! If I am on my feet for too long, my toes start to feel like little fat hot dogs! The swelling goes does almost instantly when I lay down. I know most pregnant women want to have something start happening right now, but not me! I want Landry to stay warm in his little cramped home for 8 more days! I have 4 more days of work, which I would like to make! My kids have been really good about helping me stay off my feet. They love to pass out things and help me. We have been spending ALOT of time vegging out on the floor listening to Mrs. Sossamon read. I have been putting pillows all around me and putting my legs out, they tend to hurt when they dangle. The kids think it is so cool that I am actually on the floor next to them. It does make it hard to get up off the floor, but I manage! My goal for work this week is to have fun with my students since this is my last week I will be there for the year. They have started saying we don't want you to leave Mrs. Sossamon. I will miss them, too.

Kaitlyn and I went and got our haircut this past Saturday. I wanted to make sure I got in before Landry came because I knew I wouldn't have much time at all. Kaitlyn got some layers added to her hair. It is so pretty! Aaron and Camden went and got theirs cut Wednesday. We are all ready for the big day!

Aaron and I went out on our last date for awhile! We went to eat at Kincaid's. The BEST hamburgers, ever! We stuffed ourselves. And then we went to see The Bounty Hunter. It was cute and funny! I love Jennifer Anniston movies. Sitting in the movie was a little challenging. I couldn't get very comfortable. I did put my feet up on the next chair. Thank you Grammy for babysitting! It was nice to get out and do something for ourselves before the big day!

Pray that Mommy can make it 8 more days with Landry tucked safe and sound! Pray for Mommy's worries about Camden. I know he will be good with his brother, I just worry about how he will react to me! I won't be able to pick him up for awhile and he is my 1st baby boy! I know the love will come instantly, but just hard to imagine. Aaron told me yesterday on the way home from the movie that he thinks he will cry!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New House

Nanny and Grammy got Camden a playhouse for his birthday in February. We have been waiting for nice weather to put it up. Daddy put it up today after work and we showed it to him when we got home. He LOVES it. It has a working doorbell, which he loves to push. It has a little kitchenette where he can cook. And a little picnic table where he can serve us food. He will always want to go outside to play! If you call and can't get us, chances are we are outside :)

How many can we fit inside the little house?



Ding Dong

Come on over

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ashley, Amy, Terry

Ashley and Terry gave us a very nice sprinkle today. A sprinkle is a celebration of the new baby coming into the family. When you already have a lot of what you need, you "sprinkle" the family with the necessities...diapers, wipes, soap, etc.

We had a great day of family enjoying others company and celebrating our new soon to be member of the family. 2 weeks from Monday we will have Landry in our arms! WOW! The time has flown by. Pray for Mommy as she goes back to work on Monday for 9 days. I can do it!

Watching Mama

The cutest outfit from my cousin Ashlee!

Now Landry has his own build a bear Monkey

Look at what I got!

My sister in law Michelle is so talented! She made this 4 wheeler!

New bathtub

Last pictures of a family of four

Ashley, Madden, Aaron, Amy

Loving on Madden

And he still LOVES me!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Day

Kaitlyn had a great 13th birthday! Alice in Wonderland in 3D was pretty neat. Then we went to eat at Gilligan's. Then we came home and ate cake and they got all dressed in black!!!! Michelle came over and we had to run to Walmart to get some toilet paper! Wonder what for??? Kaitlyn had fun! She didn't go to sleep until 8am!!!!! Lots of giggles :)


Today Aaron spent almost all day outside pulling weeds and doing yardwork. The yard was not taken care of before we moved in, so Aaron wants to get it looking good. He takes pride in his yard. Camden played outside while Aaron pulled weeds. I took a little nap and then joined them outside. Camden had fun! We finally came in around 6:45 and took a much needed bath! Great weather!

LOVED helping Daddy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

36 Weeks

I went to my 36 week doctor visit. Dr. Fielder is out this week for Spring Break so I saw Dr. Atkins. He checked me and I am only dilated 1/2 cm and the baby is high in my pelvis. That is great! He doesn't think he will make an appearance before April 5th. My blood pressure had gone down. It was 113/80 and I had lost a pound. Overall everything is looking good. I go for 2 more visits and then the big day arrives. Only 18 more days! I can't believe it. Spring Break has been good for my body.

Thank you for all the prayers about Camden's sleeping. It has been working! This whole week he has slept all the way through the night until at least 7am. Yesterday he slept until 8:45. It was heaven! I have enjoyed getting up and being lazy. My showers keep getting later and later everyday! Oh well :)

Photo courtesy of Camden.
He LOVES to take pictures and make you say Cheese!

Kaitlyn will be turning the big 13 tomorrow. I can't believe she will be a teenager. We started her birthday celebration off with a Mother/daughter pedicure today. Tomorrow we will be going with some of her friends to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and then to eat and then sleepover! I am sure there will be lots of giggles!

Seems like yesterday....

And she still wears a towel on her head!

Silly girl


Saturday, March 13, 2010

35 Weeks

Well I am 35 weeks this week! I went to the doctor on Thursday and he said everything is looking great. My blood pressure was a little high, but he was not concerned about it. I asked him about some cramping I had been having. He said my body doesn't know I am having a c-section so it is getting ready to deliver this baby. He said the cramping and tightening is all normal. I haven't had much cramping since last weekend. I do however, have tons of tightening of my stomach every single day, several times a day. I just hope I can make it to April 5th. He said if I do happen to go into labor, I might not get a talented surgeon as him, Ha ha! I love my doctor. Pray that Landry will wait! Today my emotions have been all over the place. Please pray for Mommy! I think it is hitting me that I will have a newborn in a matter of days! I hate the hospital and hope my time there is pleasant and fast! One word to describe it: SCARY! I know I have been through it but, every time is different!!!

Nanny had several things embroidered for Landry. They are all so cute! It was a nice surprise to get on a day like I have been having today!

Front of Kaitlyn's shirt

The back of her shirt

Nanny said she couldn't find any that said Nanny or Kaitlyn or Camden

Some burp cloths I had sent with her to get embroidered. And she had some blankets done, too.
Don't we LOVE our Nanny?
Thanks Nanny

Kaitlyn went to her school's dance a couple of weekends ago. She was all fired up for it. We went out and bought a nice dress and things. She had been sick with the throw ups a couple of days before the dance. She ended up leaving early due to getting sick again. I think she did too much before she was 100%. She only missed about 45 minutes of it. She was sad, but now we have moved on to her birthday. She will be the big 13 on Thursday!

Kaitlyn and her friends before the dance

Camden has been his crazy cute shelf! He is saying everything! Starting more and more sentences. You can actually carry on a conversation with him. Just continue to pray for his sleeping! It's like having a newborn again with him! He is so funny! He likes to make you laugh. He loves to crawl up to Mommy and say I love you! He won't say it to anyone else. Guess he is a Mama's boy.

Happy Spring Break
We will be doing ALOT of resting!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks today! My belly is growing and growing. It feels like it could rip at any second, not much room to stretch! I only have 15 work days left! I can't wait! I stayed at school a little bit today to get my last minute things done and my body was telling me to GO HOME! I listened and came home and rested. I have pretty much been taking it easy when I am home. Some days I do a little too much, which is hard when you are a Mommy to 2 other kiddos! I go to the doctor next Thursday and then will start going every week. I can't believe we are already to that point! This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I will certainly miss being pregnant. I won't miss my bladder waking me up, not being able to gt comfortable, not being able to enjoy all my food at one sitting.

What a sweetheart! Tonight he crawled up on the couch and hugged me and said, "Love you"
He is such a Mama's boy!!!!