Monday, August 30, 2010

5 months old

Landry is 5 months old today. Today was the first day I didn't get to spend the whole day with him on his month birthday. I was kinda sad leaving for school this morning. What's Landry up to these days?

He is still as happy as can be! He is drooling like crazy. I just know a tooth will pop through any day. He chews on everything, especially his feet. I can't believe he can get his legs up there. He loves watching Camden and listening to Kaitlyn sing. He has started to really giggle. He likes to play peek a boo and get tickled. He takes 3 bottles while I am at work of 5 oz. and nurses while I am home. He takes a morning nap and afternoon nap and then cat naps a little in evening. He loves bath time and splashing water all over the floor. He goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 and sleeps until I wake him up at 6:30. He is such a good baby. We are so lucky!

We asked Camden to get in the picture and this is what we got.....notice his back side and foot!


Our Chunk of Love

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Sunday

Grammy said Landry is holding his bottle when he is at her house. On Friday Aaron didn't use all the bottles before I got home. So Kaitlyn fed him because the milk wouldn't have been good. He did so good and held it the whole time. I am still nursing. I am able to pump enough for all 3 bottles. He is eating 5 oz every 3 hours. I nurse him in the morning and two before he goes to bed. I am so thankful my milk supply is keeping up with him. I will nurse him as long as he wants. Camden started to show signs at his age of just wanting the bottle. This weekend Landry hasn't wanted to nurse very long. He is chewing on everything and drooling a lot. I have read that when babies are teething they sometimes go on a milk strike because it hurts their gums. Tylenol is our best friend lately.

We were hanging out today just playing with sister and got some giggles.

Is this not the sweetest smile you have ever seen???
I think so!

2 year old up for rent!
Beware!!! He likes to throw everything.

Camden has been such a challenge. He is going through the terrible two's. He gets very upset when you don't tend to what he wants right away. His way of getting his frustration out is by throwing things and slamming doors into the wall. I have tried it all.....time out, slapping the hand, yelling at him, popping his bottom. And nothing seems to work. He is VERY stubborn like his Daddy and Mommy. He will be our difficult child for sure. I know things will get better. You can definitely tell when he is tired! He is so darn sweet when he is happy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I started back to work this week.....and boy do I miss these guys!




Big chunky legs!

Landry LOVES the exersaucer

Sweet boy

Bubbles and blue water fun

This week has been a little challenging. Camden is going to Oma's and Landry goes to Grammy's. And Kaitlyn will start 8th grade on Monday. We went and registered last week. She is ready to be an 8th grader! I'm not ready.

Trying to get back in the routine is a little hard. Camden has had a hard time at night. He comes home from Oma's like he is mad at me. We have had fun this summer and he isn't ready for it to end I guess. Our nights have been HARD! I know it will get better as we get back in the swing of things. It will just take time. He is just as tired as I am. Landry has done really well. He is now going to bed around 8:00. Which saddens me because I don't have a lot of time with him. I do get my extra cuddle time in after he eats before I lay him down. Grammy says he is such a happy boy at her house. He is adjusting very well. Kaitlyn has been my big helper this week. I have been bringing things home every night for her to help me with. She gets it done so fast! I am so thankful for her help!

The week is almost over and then the real work will begin on Monday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Having fun before the summer is over

Camden's new car mat

Look at that pretty boy

Loving bath time and sucking on his hands!

"Look at that!"

Landry loves to lay on his tummy now....he didn't use to like tummy time until he figured out he could roll over on it :)

Camden loves to take pictures and say Cheese!
Courtesy of Camden

Being silly together

Playing catch with Mommy

I think his legs are too fat! He LOVES to sit up!

The carpet before....

Hanging out in Mommy's room while they put in the wood floors

and after!
We LOVE them!!!!

No cheese!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Camden's turn in the tunnel

Kaitlyn's turn in the tunnel

Playing with Landry. Camden loves to "show baby" and Landry loves watching him.

Camden LOVES spaghetti

Chubbs says Hi!