Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Fun with the Witte's

 Justin, Michelle, and Brooklyn

We had such a nice and fun Christmas with the Witte's

So many presents...Where is Brooklyn?

 The two girls in the family!
Present time....

How cute are they?

Ryan and his crew
Let the games begin....
Witte Storage Wars.....ever seen the show Storage Wars? 
This was James Witte style.  We had so much fun!!!!
And money was involved!

Hanging out watching all the bidding.
Our lockers.....what we could bid on.

My sweet niece
Classic Picture...needs a frame!
Santa dropped his hat in our bushes while he was flying over our street!!!!

Christmas Eve presents

Cookie Time

Holiday in the Park

We had such a fun time despite it being sooooo cold!!!!!

Christmas Fun

 We had a lot of fun getting ready for Santa to come....

 making ornaments....