Sunday, January 30, 2011

Landry is 10 Months Old

Mama's Sweet Boy is 10 months old today. And what a beautiful day it was!
What Landry is up to:
*drinks 6-8 oz of formula in a bottle
*drinks water in a sippy cup very well
*eats cereal in the morning with fruit
*eats fruit and veggie at lunch
*eats fruit and veggie at dinner
*LOVES crackers, bread, pudding, pretty much anything thing we snack on. He wants!
*goes to bed around 8
*sleeps all night
*takes 2, sometimes 3 naps a day. And a good 2-3 hour nap
*crawls everywhere
*loves Camden's toys!
*cruises around the furniture
*will stand for a few seconds by himself
*loves the walker
*loves his blanket and thumb
*waves bye bye
Landry is the happiest baby ever! We have had such fun with him lately.
The memories are so special. One that was made today....Camden said to Landry after he woke up from his nap "I love you Baby." My heart was and still is so full!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Love.....

With these boys!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Six Flags 2010

We went to Six Flags the weekend after Christmas. We had a great first experience with Camden. he loved everything! He even rode on the big boat that goes way up high! Kaitlyn took her Sarah and they went and rode the big rides while we did the little rides. Thank you Nanny and Grammy for coming and spending the day with us.

Aaron, Kaitlyn, and Sarah riding the rocket

Meeting The Coyote

Can you find Camden? Hint...he is in the middle with a red jacket on!!!

Mama's turn.

Big Texas sized chair

Bouncy boots

I love these pictures


The sidewinder

Waiting in line...

Mini Mine Train

whoa....Mama screamed!


Kaitlyn and Sarah

Carousel with Nanny

Big roller coaster with Grammy

Camden's favorite ride....the trucks!

Landry even got to ride the carousel