Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Landry Reese

One year ago today Landry Reese came into our lives weighing 8 lbs 14 oz. He was ready to start his life sooner than we expected! I still remember that day like yesterday. I went to school feeling good. We had just celebrated the weekend with one last date and haircuts, getting everything ready for Landry to come April 5th. Well, he had other plans. Around 10:00 I started getting bad back pains, didn't think anything about it. And long story short....Landry arrived at 1:44pm. What a year it has been! I think the more kids you have the faster it goes! Landry has gone from sleeping all the time as a newborn to walking as a one year old! How did that happen??? We go Friday for his 1 year appointment so I will have his stats then. A couple of weeks ago, we weighed him.....27lbs! I know! He is our chunky monkey!
What a great day we had! Enjoy the precious pictures!

One Year Old

On my new slide from Mommy and Daddy

Happy Birthday Chunky Monkey

Thanks Grammy for my fridge farm and fishy!

Thanks Nanny and Papa for my John Deere tractor ride on

Does Landry like cake?

Oh yeah!

Mommy, I NEED a bath!

All Clean

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Landry Lately.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

5 Stitches

We spent Saturday night at USMD Hospital. Camden was jumping off the ottoman in front of our bed into some pillows. Aaron did a good job on covering the dresser with pillows against it. He just jumped out a little too far and the pillow moved....he grabbed his head and blood was pouring out! I immediately took him to the bathroom and got the bleeding to stop with a towel. Aaron called our moms and no answer! Landry was fussy, wanted to go to bed and we were getting panicked! Finally, my mom called back and came right over. We got to USMD and had only 2 people in front of us. We got into the ER about 45 minutes later. They got his vitals and sent us to a room to get checked out by the Doctor. Dr. Cole came in and looked at it and said we will do stitches. The nurse came back in and wrapped his head with a bandage that held a numbing medicine, so hopefully we wouldn't have to have a shot to numb it. We hung out for 30 minutes while it went to work and Camden fell asleep! They came back in and wrapped him up like a burrito, Camden was still sleeping. Dr. Cole shined a light on his head and sprayed water/saline into the wound and Camden woke up a little. He was a BIG BRAVE boy. Just whimpered a little. He ended up with 5 stitches! On the way home we stopped by McDonald's for an ice cream cone...."machine down" off to the second one "machine down" Don't the people at McDonald's know our son just got 5 stitches? So off to Jack in the Box for their delicious milkshake! We are so PROUD of Camden. We all did very well. It is so hard to see your baby in pain. Wish I could have the stitches for him :(

Still Smiling gash

Headband...just need a feather to be an Indian!

All done! Let's go home now!


Monster Jam

Last Saturday we took Camden to Monster Jam at Cowboys Stadium. It was a Mommy, Daddy, and Camden date! He had a blast! Camden loves big trucks! Thank you Papa for letting us borrow the earmuffs. It was VERY loud! The trucks came out and fireworks shot off. If you know Camden well, you know he LOVES fireworks and trucks. So you can imagine he was in heaven for a while! He still talks about the monster trucks to this day. He has been doing so good on the potty. Telling us when he needs to go. Sometimes he will even go sit on the potty all by himself without telling us and go. In fact, yesterday afternoon he went all by himself and pooped! his rewards are monster trucks! So off to Walmart we went.....this boy loves his trucks!


Big Trucks!

Our Sweet guy enjoying the show!

This is what a Monster Truck can do to a RV

The LAST car.....crash and burn!
An AWESOME end to an AWESOME night!