Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Day at the Land in pictures

Camden's First Movie....Cars 2

We took Camden to see his first movie on Friday.  Cars 2!!!!!

We knew he would do good because he is finally able to sit and watch a whole movie at home.  He is just our busy boy and hasn't watched many movies ALL the way through until recently.  He was super excited.  We decided we would go on  a Mommy, Daddy, Camden date.

Off we go.....

 We got him the PERFECT shirt to wear.

 Meet our babysitter....
Landry was napping for almost the whole time..Mommy has perfect timing....but seriously Kaitlyn did great.  We came home to her changing a diaper.

 Ready to go! All Smiles!!

 Getting tired.....
Camden fell asleep with about 20 minutes of the movie left.... He LOVED it.  He just took everything in, the big screen, seats, all the people in true Camden fashion.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life in IPhone pictures......

 Ranger Game June 22

 Mother's Day present

 Watching Fireworks on Daddy's phone

 Not a very good pom pom :(

 Maverick Game Courtside Row 2!
Go Mavs!!!!

 Our fully potty trained boy!

 I need a haircut....
 Yeah.  I can see!

 Pretty girl before her recital

 So thankful I have a husband who enjoys painting my classroom!

 Camden has been such a good boy.....maybe the tantrums are leaving us....

 And a good helper

 Landry is looking so much older...

 Ready for some baseball

 Giving Molly a bath

 When Mama gets a boo boo, she needs frozen french fries for her head

 Fun in a bath tub duck

 Fun at the Pool

 Yummy cookie bouquet Daddy sent Mommy for her birthday.

 Cousin Fun


Love my snocone!