Monday, July 25, 2011

Camden's Big Boy Bed

We went and bought Camden's BIG Boy bed last week.  He was so excited!!!!  He LOVED bed shopping.  We got it at The Mattress Firm.  The first night I slept with him from 1-3am and then he came into our bed about 6.  He stays in his bed until about 4 and then we hear little feet running into our room.  However, Saturday night he stayed in his bed all night!  He has even taken some naps on it.  It is very comfy!  So thankful to have my own bed back.  He had been sleeping in our bed since right before Landry was born.

Such a BIG BOY

Mattress Shopping

I like this one!

Landry LOVES Camden's bed, too!
We were able to use the headboard from his crib.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun Summer Days and Nights

 Having fun while Mommy vacuums the couch
 Nap time :)
 "Why are you looking at me?"
 Just a swinging

 Water Boy
 "I get you baby!"
 "Watch out brother!"
 Fireman Camden
 Have to get out of the house.....Park at 8:00!  Not so bad :)

 Camden LOVES to vacuum!
 Landry wants cousin Brooklyn to come....
 7 years of marriage we celebrated
 Free slurpees. Yummy!!!
 Four wheelin

 The silliest smile he has ever made!
 TCU Music All State Camp.  Kaitlyn had an AWESOME time!
 Watching Super Why together
Night Night on my pillow pet
Sno cones!

 Daddy's turn to ride
 My two favorite fireman!
Anyone else feel trapped like this in your house because of the heat?????
Minus the smiles!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 4th Fun

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend.  We spent Sunday the 3rd out at Witte's BBQ and Waterpark, (aka) The Land.....The next night we went to the Ranger game on the 4th for Fireworks!  Camden could not wait!!!!!
Enjoy our memories we made!