Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Beautiful Day Trip to the Zoo

 We took a trip to the zoo Monday on Labor Day.  It was beautiful weather. The boys had fun looking at the animals.  We are so Thankful for sister Kaitlyn to walk around and help Camden "see" all the cool animals.  Their favorite were the monkeys.  There was a little monkey family with a baby and they were helping the baby swing and just play.  At one time one of the monkeys came and knocked on the glass!  It was a nice family trip to the zoo. And the boys slept so good that night!  
Both in bed by 8:15!!!! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Freshman...SERIOUSLY???

 Kaitlyn started High School this year!  Seems like she was my cute little girl just yesterday. Now she is my gorgeous young lady!  Who, by the way is taller than her mom.  But doesn't take much for that?  She was super excited about starting High School.  The week before school started they had a Warrior Freshman Welcome.  She had to run through spirit hands.  So great to see the smile on her face and know that the next 4 years will be so much fun for her!  She tried out for Show Choir and we were shocked to find out she didn't make it.  But this is a learning experience and she is becoming a stronger and more prepared lady because of this.  Hopefully next year she will go out there and kick some butt!  She will be taking private voice lessons and getting involved in theater and choir this year.  She will be BUSY!!!! She was scared about how big the school was, but said Saturday, its not that big just a square!  I'm glad she found her way around....cause I still haven't!  Getting up at 5:45 every morning is hard for her, but she gets to come home before 3:00 and sometimes I find her crashed out on the couch! Have a great Freshman year Kaitlyn!  You will always be my baby girl no matter how old you get.  And remember you are never moving out and going off to college....there is nothing wrong with TCC!!!!